Card Holder Phone Case (iPhone 13 Pro) - MUSE on the move
Card Holder Phone Case (iPhone 13 Pro) - MUSE on the move
Card Holder Phone Case (iPhone 13 Pro) - MUSE on the move
Card Holder Phone Case (iPhone 13 Pro)

Card Holder Phone Case (iPhone 13 Pro)

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Croc Vegan Leather
Phone Model
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Card holder phone case is ideal for those who want to travel light without toting around a bulky wallet. They'll conveniently hold your cards, cash, and ID in one place. Not to mention also adding a layer of protection to your phone!

  • Made with soft and sturdy croc-embossed vegan leather
  • 2 card compartments, with maximum 3 cards (also work with card reader!)
  • Wrap all 4 device corners and full top cover(iPhone only) for extra protection
  • Raised camera edge for lens protection
  • 30+ colors available



MUSE phone case with a card holder is a game-changer! Stylish, functional, and convenient. Love having my essentials in one place.

review - MUSE on the move

Yay! Just received my MUSE hot pink case. High quality affordable price and best it comes with card holder and straps !!

personalized_phone_cases_singapore_Muse - MUSE on the move

One of the best quality and design case I ever had! Fast delivery and great packaging. Love the complimentary stickers. Thank you!

custom_phone_cases_singapore_Muse - MUSE on the move

In love with my new phone case that has card holder and strap !!! It's a chic lifesaver! Keeps my phone secure and essentials handy.

personalized_phone_cases_singapore - MUSE on the move

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